Pheromone Perfumes – What You Need To Know!

male pheromonesIf you have ever wondered about how a few men or women are able to attract the opposite sex even when they are not that great to look at or they happen to be a nasty person. This occurs frequently and many of us are not aware that certain human pheromones are responsible for a significant role as to why a man is attracted to a woman or when a woman is attracted to a man.

The Secret Weapon in Human Pheromone Perfumes

The human body naturally creates and then secretes natural pheromones. However, unfortunately the body is often not able to produce a level that is high enough to make any impact on others that are around us. This has resulted in a variety of manufacturers and businesses that synthetically produce pheromone perfumes and colognes that are said to give you an upper hand or unfair advantage when it comes to attracting the opposite sex.

Do These Pheromone Perfumes Actually Work At Attracting The Opposite Sex?

The answer overall is yes that pheromones actually do work. But not all of these products have been created in the same way and in fact there are a few that will not work. In order for these products to operate efficiently the perfume or cologne must consist of the correct combination of specific ingredients. In addition, the perfume will have to have a concentration that is high enough in order to produce an impact that is noticeable on the opposite sex.

The Current Best Rated Pheromone Products


One of the top-rated pheromone colognes comes from Pherazone based on various testing’s and research conducted on their products. This particular brand consists of more than 6 pheromone ingredients that are associated with the highest concentrations compared to any other similar product available on the markets today.

Pherazone already has a very strong reputation along with numerous reviews that are positive from men who have had a positive result when using the product.  This product is created using lab-certified quality pheromones.

Nexus Pheromones

Another company that is highly rated for pheromone perfume products according to research and tests would have to be Nexus Pheromones. Their product consists of over 7 human based pheromone compounds that are able to mimic pheromones of an attractive, fertile and healthy man. These pheromones are said to ignite various reactions from women and few of these advantages include:

  • An increase in sexual attraction towards the person that is wearing the cologne
  • Women become more open and willing to approach the man to start up a conversation
  • Women will tend to view the wearer as the “Alpha Male” in a room

Results One Can Expect

These companies state that when one wears a pheromone perfume or cologne that will notice a difference straight away. Women will tend to be more attracted to the person who is wearing the scent and more open to making eye-contact. In addition, other emotions may include that the women will find the man more interesting and funnier. The man will also be much easier to notice even in a crowded room.

These pheromone products are said to work on attracting women and the best part is that the cologne can be worn by any man regardless of their age or their looks. This means that the man does not have to be the richest or most attractive because women are responding to the man based on an instinctual level. These products advertise that if men are looking for a way to increase their chances in attracting women these pheromones can definitely give one the edge they may require.